3D chameleon animation and VFX / vfx
3D chameleon animation and VFX
Porsche Video VFX / vfx
Porsche Video VFX
Sperm Illustration / advertising
Sperm Illustration
Bacteria Illustration / advertising
Bacteria Illustration
Dna Illustration / advertising
Dna Illustration
Nike AirJordan Poster / advertising
Nike AirJordan Poster
Nike Jordan Poster / advertising
Nike Jordan Poster
Nike Wire / advertising
Nike Wire
Welchs 3D Grape Poster / advertising
Welchs 3D Grape Poster
3D ice cream explode / advertising
3D ice cream explode
Haagen Dazs Fog / advertising
Haagen Dazs Fog
Guitar VFX / vfx
Guitar VFX
Shoulder01 VFX / vfx
Shoulder01 VFX
Hand Capsules / vfx
Hand Capsules
Shoulder02 VFX / vfx
Shoulder02 VFX
Piano VFX / vfx
Piano VFX
Oral-B 3D Toothbrush / advertising
Oral-B 3D Toothbrush
Casco 3D Posters / advertising
Casco 3D Posters
VodafoneTV / advertising
3d Bag Customization System / advertising
3d Bag Customization System
3d Floors Customization System / advertising
3d Floors Customization System
M4m Warriors Vfx Tv Commercial / vfx
M4m Warriors Vfx Tv Commercial
Sony Channel Breakfast promo / vfx
Sony Channel Breakfast promo
Bic Flex 5 Hybrid Spy VFX TV Commercial / advertising
Bic Flex 5 Hybrid Spy VFX TV Commercial
Gregorys Juice TVC / vfx
Gregorys Juice TVC
Gregorys Bagel TVC / vfx
Gregorys Bagel TVC
Creo 3d Software Animation / advertising
Creo 3d Software Animation
Legrand / vfx
Jenuesse package 3D transformation / vfx
Jenuesse package 3D transformation
Paper City / advertising
Paper City
Speno International 3D train poster / advertising
Speno International 3D train poster
Thrive 9 Expo 3D logo animation / advertising
Thrive 9 Expo 3D logo animation
3D bridge video VFX / vfx
3D bridge video VFX
3D Foxes VFX / vfx
3D Foxes VFX
Lebovic 3d Building / 3d-visualization
Lebovic 3d Building
3d Building Visualization / 3d-visualization
3d Building Visualization
Campus 3d Rendering / 3d-visualization
Campus 3d Rendering
Gaming Scene Concept Art / game-art
Gaming Scene Concept Art
Game Scene Concept Art / game-art
Game Scene Concept Art
Sokolov 3D ring / advertising
Sokolov 3D ring
Range Rover 3D waterfall / advertising
Range Rover 3D waterfall
Starbucks 3D coffee / advertising
Starbucks 3D coffee
Ubisoft Anno 2205 / game-art
Ubisoft Anno 2205
GIANT 3D Bike / advertising
Nike Zoom Cage / advertising
Nike Zoom Cage
Clarke Bath 3D visualization / 3d-visualization
Clarke Bath 3D visualization
3D Architecture drone video / 3d-visualization
3D Architecture drone video
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OFFICE: Poetow 2f, 03-147 Warsaw


POLAND: +48-22-211-8777

USA: +1-510-455-4575

UK: +44-20-3239-7271

Phone numbers available: 9:00am - 7:00pm,
time zone: GMT+1 or leave a message, we will call you back.

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CGFolks is experienced Digital Production Studio. We provide technical and artistic leadership working on a specific projects. Our Studio offers end-to-end services in Animation, Motion Capture, Visualization, VFX and Gaming content by focussing on consistent quality and ON-TIME DELIVERY.

Our goal is an attention to detail. We are very flexible with the style providing photographic realism, cartoon style or digital painting if project require it.

CGFolks has an excellent organisational, communication and project management skills, linked up with technical understanding of CG projects pipelines and the ability to specify efficient workflows make us a good partner for any CG project.

CGFolks develops and produces high-end content for films, tv, commercials and mobile.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Budget estimation breakdown - is the starting point for every production. Its a process where we can help you in refining your needs and in finding solutions to overcome any challenges that arise.
  • Conceptual Work & Storyboarding - it is translating clients needs into creative and innovative design before real production begin.
  • Digital Environments - from animated vegetation to a full-CG scenes.
  • 3D Character, Products, Vehicles and Architecture - CGFolks easily can replace or reproduce real vehicles, products & characters with CGI/3D ones.
  • Digital Compositing - include but not limited to: digital illumination, rotoscopy, digital painting, digital make-over, sky replacement...etc

Nike shoe project:
3D modeling: $950usd
studio lighting and shading: $250usd
first studio rendering (fullHD): $120usd
Posters design from $550usd each

Medical animation: / around $4000usd

Packaging project:
3D modeling around $120usd each bottle
texturing: $65usd
studio lighting and shading: $180usd
each rendering image (fullHD): $65usd

Buildings visualization / Buildings 3D visualization: / $1500usd

3D Helmet project:
3D modeling: $850usd (or less if you can provide us a good CAD .iges, .stl or .step files)
texturing: $260usd
studio lighting and shading: $280usd
first rendering image (fullHD): $120usd each
Poster design from $550usd each
360 animation (720p): $350usd

Starbucks animation:
3D modeling: $750usd
texturing: $280usd
lighting and shading: $340usd
animation: $750usd
rendering and compositing: $350usd

Range Rover waterfall:
Lighting and shading: $350usd
water simulation: $950usd
animation: $350usd
rendering and compositing (fullHD): $450usd